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The natural resources of the Municipality of Šid are the basis for economic development. The area of the Municipality has economic resources which provides the basis for strengthening the economy as well as the develoment of the Municipality.
The most significant economic resources are:
- fertile agricultural soil (44.00 hectares of fertile soil, mostly type of chernozem),
- forest (area of about 22,000 hectares),
- good geographical position and
- developed road and railroad networks (suitable for transport of industrial products as well as a commercial and any other progress).
In addition, the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of this area such as The Art Gallery„Sava Šumanović“ and Museum of Naive Art „Ilijanum“ as well as the large number of historical and cultural monuments are good basis for the development of all forms of tourism.
The industry of this region depends and relies on fertile agricultural soil which is the largest and the most important resource in economc growth of this area.The agriculture and forestry are the oldest jobs and business of the local population. But in the past decade, the development of intensive fruit growing and fruit production and viticulture is also evident.