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Industrial zones


Position: In the north side of Industrial Zone near Adaševci (industrial / working zone number 8, based on urban plan of the Municipality of Šid), there is the first class state road- highway E-70. In the west side of the Zone, there is the state road, II class, number 128.
Geo-traffic position of the planned Zone: excellent possibilities for development and business due to the crossroads of the roads and railroad networks (border with Bosnia and Herzegovina) Sremska Rača-Šid. This is an excellent location for building new factories and industrial objects.
The total area: 123 ha.
Land status:The opportunities of the land are great:land without any structures which could be used for building new industrial objects and factories.
Property: Republic of Serbia; can be used by Ministry of Agriculture, forest and water.
Planned destination: The industrial objects, factories for production of new goods and items can be built in the area of Industrial / Working Zone.Then storages can be built, as well as objects of infrastructure and restaurants Basis for the Plan: The plan is made according to the plan of Municipality of Šid. As it is planned by the Municipality, the whole area is divided into Zone for Gerneral usage and destination and it includes roads and some infrastructural objects. The area for working zone is still not quite defined. Since the land is quite flat, the investitors can choose the size and area, as per their needs.


Position: Beljnjača is located on the north part of the town of Šid. According to the Plan of the Area, Beljnjača is part of the Municipiality of Šid.
Total area: 12hа 80а 51м².
Status of the land: The owner of the land is the Municipiality of Šid (32 ha and 15 m2), but most of the land is in the possetion of private owners.
Planned destination: It could be used for building of private houses as well as objects for sports and recreation.
The basis for this plan: The Plan of Municipalty of Šid
Required documentation: The plan for detail regulation is still not completed.
Infrastructural situation: Beljnjača is completely equipped for electric energy, water, gas, phone and optical cables.


The Industrial /working area of Višnjićevo (the area 10, as per Plan of Municipality of Šid) is situated on the north part of the village.
Total area: 88hа 67а 85м².
Ownership: The Municipality is the owner of 87hа 51а 55м²of total land and the companies and firms own 1hа 16а 30м² of the land.
The status of the land and the ownership: The Municipality of Šid
Planned destination: Many objects with different purposes could be built such as: business offices, factories, storage buildings, restaurants other objects of infrastructure.
The basis of the plan: The Plan of Municipalty of Šid and elaborated Plan for Regulation of industrial /working zone Višnjićevo.
Required documentation: Issuing documentation about location conditions based on The Plan for regulation the Industrial Zone Višnjićevo