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Società Sportiva Lazio, abbreviated as SS Lazio or known as Lazio Rome in German-speaking countries, finished last season in Serie A between fourth and sixth place for the fifth time in six years. If you wanted to compare the club to a club from the Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen would probably be the best fit in this regard. Both are not among the absolute top clubs in their countries but have been able to stay in the top 6 of their leagues for quite some time.

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However, the eye is always up and every summer the responsible people think about what adjustment screws they need to make in order to be on top in the future. What was good at Lazio Roma last season and what needs to be changed in the future, we will now tell you in our detailed review of the Lazio Roma team. You can use the following table of contents to click on individual content.

Review and analysis of the season

If you look closely at the course of last season, you will quickly see that Lazio Roma had neither particularly good nor particularly bad phases. Never won more than two games in a row, never lost more than two games in a row. Mostly, of course, wins outweigh, but at every stage of the season, defeats crept in again and again, which prevented them from reaching the top 4 and the associated qualification for the Champions League.

Lazio is strong as a favorite

Otherwise, it is noticeable that Lazio was extremely difficult, especially in the second half of the season, against the top teams in the league, but basically, they did their duty as favorites. In the calendar year 2022, the capital suffered only four defeats in Serie A. The best rivals (Milan, Roma, Inter and Napoli) finished last season in the top 6 of the league. On the other hand, Lazio scored 26 points out of 30 against clubs ranked eleventh to 20th in the second half of the season (W8, D2). This shows that the team has some consistency but cannot keep up with the absolute best teams in terms of quality. We can't wait to see if that changes next season.

Who will be the 2022/23 Serie A champions? All odds in comparison


  • Offensive - 77 goals in 38 games, second in offense in the league
  • Confidently as a favorite - in the second half of the season 26 out of 30 points against 11-20 places
  • Reliable scorer - Motionless with 27 goals this season (7 more than last season)

Weak sides

  • Defense - conceded 58 goals in 38 games, only 11th in defensive rankings.
  • Too weak for top teams - only 7 points out of 10 duels with Milan, Inter, Juventus, Roma and Napoli
  • Damn Game 3 - Won 2 games in a row 6 times in a row, but never 3 in a row.

Lazio Roma's prediction for the 2022/23 season

With one exception, Lazio Roma has finished between fourth and sixth in the last six seasons and we are convinced that the capital will continue to move in the same direction in the upcoming season. The team certainly has the quality and with Milinkovic-Savic or Immobile also has some of the best players in their ranks, but the defense is currently not strong enough to compete with the absolute best teams in Serie A for the championship. Even if one or two top passes follow here, they will probably need at least a certain amount of time to get used to before they become really expected reinforcements.

According to the current state of affairs, there are even six clubs that bookmakers estimate stronger for the upcoming season. Those who still believe in Lazio's first league title since the 1999/2000 season can try their luck at fast withdrawal betting sites with very tempting odds!

Lazio Roma form and composition analysis

In the next part of our team review, we took a closer look at the roster of 1. FC Nürnberg. To clear things up a bit, we've covered four different parts of the command in separate sections.

Goalkeeper: Reine replaced Strakosha

Pepe Reina guarded the Lazio gate for the first 15 rounds. However, then coach Sarri made changes to this position and put Thomas Strakosh, who will definitely leave the club in the summer. He is currently being linked with a move to Chelsea. On the other hand, Reina, 39, will remain with the club and play his final season in professional football. However, as he is scheduled more as number two, Lazio urgently needs a new permanent goalkeeper.

Conclusion: Marco Alia, who returned on loan, played in Serie C last season and is expected to be number three. Reina will be number two, a new number one has yet to be assigned in the summer.

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